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Can you eat and exercise your prostate cancer risk away?

by , 06 May 2015

Like virtually all cancers, your risk of prostate cancer is influenced by your lifestyle.

Diet and exercise are two factors that have a huge impact on your prostate health. Today, I'm going to let you in on how you can adjust these two factors to help prevent prostate cancer!

These recommendations come courtesy of well-respected physician and author, Dr Joseph Mercola. Read on for more.

Two smart and simples solutions to lower your risk of prostate cancer 


1. Follow an organic eating plan

Dr Mercola recommends eating as much organic food as possible. And if it’s raw, it’s better! Foods that help support prostate health include fruits and veggies rich in vitamins, carotenoids and lycopene (for more on the benefits of lycopene, read this article here).
A 2009 study identified the following foods as particularly beneficial against prostate cancer:
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes 
  • Green tea
Dr Mercola lists animal-based omega-3 fats and vitamin K2 as other nutrients that offer significant protection against prostate cancer. He says that he doesn’t typically recommend many supplements, but animal-based omega-3 fats and vitamin K2 are two you should seriously consider taking. 
Dr Mercola explains that you don’t get nearly enough of these two nutrients on a daily basis. No matter how much organic food you consume. 
Following an organic diet will also limit your carbohydrate intake (especially the harmful ones like sugar, fructose and grains). This will reduce your cancer risk in general. For more information on the dietary changes that aid in preventing prostate cancer, read this.
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2. Spend time doing high-intensity exercise

Dr Mercola stresses that exercise is a huge factor for prostate health. He says that exercise is a must, especially as you get older. He says high-intensity exercises will exercise your prostate directly. These include crunches, squats, push-ups and so on. He suggests you spend 30 minutes on high-intensity exercises at least three times a week.
Don’t enjoy the gym?
Dr Rudi Moerck, CEO of Valensa International (a leading science-based discoverer), says that sex is a high-intensity exercise that can help, too!
Dr Moerck explains that having sex exercises your prostate. It’s a difficult thing to talk about if sex has become difficult for you, but it’s something you should think about. “I recommend sex on a regular basis… No matter what your age. My recommendation is a minimum of once a week. Probably two times a week for older people,” he says.
Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world amongst men. However, it you can manage and prevent it if you make lifestyle modifications like the ones I’ve just told you about.
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Can you eat and exercise your prostate cancer risk away?
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