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Busted! Don't believe these common breast cancer myths

by , 27 November 2013

With breast cancer affecting one in eight women, you'd think we'd be more clear on what causes it and what doesn't. But the truth is, there's a lot of fact and fiction surrounding this deadly killer. Today, we debunk some of the most common breast cancer myths so you can concentrate on what really does protect you from the disease…

Have you heard that wearing deodorant can cause breast cancer?

Or that underwire bras increase your risk of developing the disease?

Should you believe this

Today, we tell you…

Revealed: The truth about these four common breast cancer myths

Myth #1: Breast cancer is hereditary
Contrary to popular belief, less than 15% of women with breast cancer have a family member with the disease.

As Dr Helen Zorbas, CEO of Cancer Australia, explains: “Although women who have one or more first-degree relatives with a history of breast cancer are at increased risk, most will never develop breast cancer.”

Myth #2: Deodorant causes breast cancer
Don’t throw away your roll-on just yet! The jury is still out on whether or not some of the parabens found in deodorant are to blame for breast cancer.

This said, you should avoid aluminium bases deodorants on mammogram day. “It could show up on the mammogram images and may lead to an inaccurate result by making breast cancers and other abnormalities harder to detect,” warns the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Myth #3: Wearing underwire bras increases your risk
Claims that underwire bras compress your breasts’ lymphatic system causing cancerous toxins to build up, are untrue. Neither the type of bra you war of its tightness has any connection to your breast cancer risk, reveals health.com.

Myth #4: Women with bigger breasts have a higher risk
Fact – “There's no connection between the size of your breasts and your risk of getting breast cancer. Very large breasts may be harder to examine than small breasts, with breast exams – and even mammograms and MRIs – more difficult to conduct. But all women, regardless of breast size, should commit to routine screenings and checkups,” debunks ABC News.

So there you have it! Don’t waste your time worrying about these silly – but highly popular – breast cancer myths. If you really want to lower your risk, stick to the facts.

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Busted! Don't believe these common breast cancer myths
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