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Burn cancer cells out of hiding without chemo!

by , 08 September 2014

Here at the Natural Health Dossier, we've been following a doctor who's doing extraordinary work in the cancer field in his clinic in Mexico.

His name is Dr Filiberto Munoz, and his latest cancer therapy is nothing short of revolutionary.

It's 10'000 times more effective than standard chemotherapy; doesn't cause nausea, hair loss or excessive weight loss and draws cancer cells out of hiding and into the open where they're easily eliminated.

Some of his methods feature in the book of Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide to Cancer and in a special documentary called Cancer Conquest. But today you can learn more about his powerful new treatment right here in Health Bytes…


Dismissed for 37 years, a few doctors have just rediscovered...
Kills Cancer DEAD Naturally
Expert declares it 'borders on medical malpractice' to recommend against this natural cancer treatment bones to! Just be prepared for the potential side effects...healthier skin, eyes and name a few.


Techniques that date as far back as ancient Egypt…
Through his research, Dr Munoz began to use this ancient treatment to effectively heal the body of cancer.
He discovered that hyperthermia (the overheating of the body) kills cancer cells. It works in the same way as a fever fights infection in your body.
Let me explain….
Hyperthermia: A highly effective cancer treatment
Hyperthermia literally burns out the cancer cells and it’s effective because it sets up an unfair fight. It weakens the cancer cells while giving your body’s natural defences a chance to work more effectively.
Cancer cells aren’t naturally more sensitive to heat. But they’re not as good at dealing with it as regular cells. That’s because tumours are abnormal cell growths.
And because the cancer cells aren’t as organised in your body as healthy cells, they don’t get proper circulation of blood. So when the temperature goes up, lack of nutrition and too much carbon dioxide are just one more problem on the list the cancer cells have to deal with.
And at the end of the heat therapy, your body’s healthy cells climatises naturally. But the cancer cells burn to death because they just can’t handle the heat.
Burn cancer out of your body
Dr Munoz has shown that using this technique is very effective to burn cancer cells out of hiding without the use of chemotherapy!
If you’re looking for places to have this treatment done here in South Africa,  I have found that a hospital in Pretoria are using this therapy and there are currently no costs involved in the treatments at the Wilgers Hospital’s oncology centre as the device is being used exclusively for research purposes. Contact The Wilgers Oncology Practice on 012 807 2744 to make an appointment with an oncologist to discuss eligibility for the hyperthermia treatments. Also Ozone Health in Cape Town offer this treatment. Contact them on 021 4786040.

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Burn cancer cells out of hiding without chemo!
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