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Bugs Bunny held the cure for cancer all along!

by , 07 January 2014

Would you believe that a cartoon character held the cure for cancer all these years? It's true! Munching his way through fields of carrots not only gave him incredible eyesight, it gave him a one up on cancer producing cells! Here's why you should incorporate cancer fighting carrots into every meal…

Beating cancer by eating carrots? 
Researchers are finding more and more evidence of the health benefits of carrots. Not only are they great for keeping your eyesight healthy, they contain an anti-cancerous antioxidant. 
· According to Medical News Today,  a variety of dietary carotenoids have been shown to have anti-cancer effects due to their antioxidant power in reducing free radicals in the body. For example: 
· Lung Cancer: Current smokers who didn’t consume carrots had three times the risk of developing lung cancer compared with those who ate carrots more than once a week.
· Colorectal Cancer: Beta-carotene consumption has been shown to have an inverse association with the development of colon cancer.
And that means you should follow in the footsteps of Bugs Bunny and add carrots to every meal to fight cancer. 
Incorporate carrots into any meal and fight cancer at breakfast, lunch and supper!
Low in calories, tasty, versatile and healthy, it’s no wonder experts believe  carrots should  claim the title as the “ultimate health food”. What’s even better is that you can literally incorporate carrots into every meal!
Here’s how…
Beat cancer at breakfast by drinking carrot juice
Enjoy a glass of carrot juice every morning at breakfast to beat cancer. You can either put clean chopped carrots in a blender and sieve the juice from the pulp or if you have a juicer, simply pop cleaned carrots in and enjoy. 
Top tip: Adding the juice of a fresh orange gives the carrot juice a sweeter flavour. 
Beat cancer by snacking on carrots between meals and at lunch time
Baby or chopped carrots dipped in humus is a delicious and healthy snack you can eat between meals. 
Having a coleslaw salad with reduced fat mayo at lunch gives you a healthy and cancer busting meal. 
Beat cancer by eating steamed carrots for supper
Steam your carrots so you don’t lose any of the nutrients when you boil them. Make sure you’re not adding sugar to your carrots, and keep them slightly crisp to retain all of the taste and nutrients. 
So parents keep telling your children to eat their carrots like Bugs Bunny. Your whole family can benefit from the cancer fighting goodness of eating carrots at every meal. 

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Bugs Bunny held the cure for cancer all along!
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