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BREAKING NEWS: Surgery and radiation may not be necessary for breast cancer treatment

by , 21 January 2014

If your doctor's diagnosed you with breast cancer, he probably suggested chemotherapy, surgery and radiation as the best course of action.

But do you need all three?

A new study from India shows you may not!

This common breast cancer treatment could be deadly
Indian researchers studied 350 women with late-stage breast cancer to test the benefit of chemo, surgery and radiation.
All the women in the study received chemo for their breast cancer that had spread to other parts of their bodies.
Half the women also had surgery to remove their original breast tumours and the lymph nodes under their arms. And they received a course of radiation afterwards.
The result?
Chemotherapy could be enough
According to the study, surgery and radiation had no effect in prolonging the lives of the women who received all three treatments.
After 17 months, there were 111 deaths in the group that had their breast cancers cut out, compared to 107 deaths in the group that did not.
And that means there was no difference in survival between the women who had their original tumours removed and those who hadn’t.
So when should you opt for surgery?
Now I’m not saying avoid surgery and radiation completely. After all, surgery and radiation can clear the tumour from the breast. This can be a big benefit if you’re bothered with the feel of the mass. Or, if the tumour has broken through your skin.
But, since the research team found that cutting out the breast tumour increased the cancer growth in other parts of the body, you need to go into this three-part treatment with your eyes open.

So before you say yes to surgery and radiation ask your doctor why it’s necessary.

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BREAKING NEWS: Surgery and radiation may not be necessary for breast cancer treatment
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