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Breaking news: Skip the red wine and get your resveratrol dose from healthier sources!

by , 08 April 2013

Many news websites cite moderate intake of red wine as a great cancer prevention strategy. That's because of resveratrol, the substance researchers found helpful for breast cancer prevention. It's exclusive to red grape skin and seeds, which is why red wine's been your best form of ‘cancer prevention' - until now…

Men who consume four or more four-ounce glasses of red wine per week have a 60% lower incidence of the more aggressive types of prostate cancer, says the National Cancer Institute.
That’s because of resveratrol, the substance exclusive to red grape skin and seeds.
Resvetatrol has also long been touted as a great way to prevent breast cancer, says The LA Times.
But red wine has relatively low concentrations of the compound, adds FSP Health.
Thought a daily glass of red wine was the best cancer prevention technique? Think again…
In fact, you’d need 100 glasses of red wine a day to get the required levels of resveratrol, this will surely kill you.
Added to this, new research has found that just a glass and a half a day or less of alcohol could actually RAISE your cancer risk, says BU Today.
That’s because deaths from alcohol “dwarf any small number of people who may derive benefit from low-dose alcohol.” 
 If you’re taking chronic medication, you should also steer away from red wine, as mixing medicine with alcohol can cause nausea or even make the medication harmful or toxic to your body, says the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcolholism.
Give the red wine a miss and get your resveratrol from these sources instead!
So you shouldn’t automatically add a bottle of red wine to your weekly shopping basket.
Instead, get enough resveratrol from other foods naturally rich in resveratrol, like red grape skins, red grape juice, peanuts and mulberries, says WebMD.
It’s a healthier way to prevent cancer in the long-run.

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Breaking news: Skip the red wine and get your resveratrol dose from healthier sources!
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