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Breaking news: HIV patients at greater risk of cancer

by , 02 December 2014

Knowing your status is more important than you can imagine.

And as we're in the throws of AIDs awareness month this December, it's a great time to talk about HIV and AIDs.

Did you know that more than six million people in South Africa are living with HIV/AIDs? That's right! But what's even scarier is that experts predict the six million people that know their status only make up HALF of those who actually have the disease.

It's shocking, because knowing your HIV/AIDs status isn't only about preventing further infections of those you come into contact with. It's about protecting your health too.

And it's more important than you know…

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Researchers find HIV patients at greater risk of cancer

There are new and improved treatment options for HIV patients under development all the time. And they’re so effective that researchers are finding HIV patients are living long and full lives without their disease developing into AIDS.
But while this may seem like a benefit, it could be detrimental!
Sadly, patients with HIV who continue to live longer lives have skyrocketing cancer risks. And scientists believe the numbers are going to soar in the coming years.
Researchers are already finding it to be a problem for HIV patients. And scientific research already includes stats on cancer in HIV patients.
When they first started noticing it was a problem, there were 898 cases of cancer in HIV patients that they knew of. Seven years later, the number rose 200%!
And it’s a devastating effect HIV has on the victim that leads to this fate…
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HIV patients 70% more likely to develop cancer because of a compromised immune system, warn experts

While ARVs and other treatment options are there to help HIV patients live longer, fuller lives, it’s indirectly putting them at risk of developing cancer.
And it’s infections that cause the specific type of cancer seen in HIV-positive patients. Because of their compromised immune system, they’re more likely to suffer infections from other viruses too.
One of the most common ones it the human Papillomavirus (HPV). It’s the virus that leads to cervical cancer, which on its own is a type of cancer that’s prevalent in women around SA.
Infection with HPV and other types of viruses can lead to an HIV specific cancer – Kaposi sarcoma – developing. The sufferer develops nodules under the skin that commonly affects the nose and mouth areas.
And that’s why, not only is it important to know your status to ensure you don’t infect others, but to protect your own health.
The key is to keep your immune system as fighting fit as you can...

Boost your immune system by focusing on your diet

One of the most important factors for a healthy immune system is your diet.
If you don’t feed your body the nutrients it needs, it can lower your immune response even further.
That’s why you need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Steer clear of processed and refined food because they harm your immune system.
Speak to your doctor about taking additional natural supplements to keep your immune system in check so it can continue fighting not only the HIV virus, but other viruses that leave you more at risk of Kaposi sarcoma too…

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Breaking news: HIV patients at greater risk of cancer
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