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Breaking news: Foul tasting Noni juice causes colorectal cancer cells to die!

by , 23 January 2014

The Noni plant has been used in the Pacific Islands for healing and treatment for centuries. And we now know it can cause cancerous cells to die too! And if you ask us these powerful health benefits is a great reason to drink and bear the juice's foul taste…

The Noni plant’s roots, leaves and berries were a staple health remedy for the ancient Polynesians.
They used the plant to heal broken bones, treat a variety of ailments and “cure” diseases like heart disease and diabetes
The juice apparently doesn’t taste very nice… But you’re likely to keep on drinking if it’s so good for you!
Noni juice helps cause cell death in colorectal cancer cells
The active ingredient in the root of the Noni plant is Damnacanthal. 
Information in the Hawaii Medical Journal claimed that this ingredient causes colorectal cancer cells to stop growing and then to commit suicide! 
And with colorectal cancer falling into the top three most fatal cancers worldwide, you should to try anything to decrease your risk. 
Getting your hands on Noni juice
Many health shops sell the juice, so enquire at one in your area. 
They import the juice, as the Noni bush (known to grow up to ten meters in height!) grows in the Pacific Islands, North America and Asia. 
Fortunately, they’ve also come up with a way to disguise the horrid taste. They’ve mixed it with other juices so it’s more tolerable to drink.
So are you up for trying something new in the health department? You might not only kill off colorectal cancer cells, you may see an improvement in your heart health, a change in your diabetes, and even your arthritis symptoms. 
If you don’t mind the bitter taste, go ahead and see what Noni juice can do for your health. 

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Breaking news: Foul tasting Noni juice causes colorectal cancer cells to die!
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