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Beating prostate cancer is a walk in the park

by , 25 July 2013

Could beating prostate cancer be as easy as taking a daily walk with your loved one? This may sound bizarre, but a recent study shows that walking could play a major role in improving your prostate cancer outcomes. Here are more details of the study…

According to a study published in the journal Cancer Research, walking briskly for three hours a week could delay or prevent the progression of prostate cancer.

Want to improve your chances of beating cancer? Take a brisk walk

In the study, researchers observed 1,455 men who had received diagnoses of prostate cancer that had not spread to other parts of their bodies.

The men were asked to track their physical activity.

After examining the data, researchers found that men who walked briskly for at least three hours a week lowered their rate of cancer progression.

And it wasn’t a small reduction, either.

These men lowered their rate of progression by 57% when compared to men who walked for fewer than three hours a week.

But there’s a catch. “This isn’t an easy after-dinner stroll we’re talking about here. Walking at an easy pace didn’t have any benefit. We’re talking about a nice brisk pace that really gets the legs moving,” writes Christine O’Brien in Nutrition & Healing.

“So if you’re fighting prostate cancer, get out into the fresh air. Grab someone you love, lace up those walking shoes and get moving,” adds O’Brien.

Not only will walking increase your chances of beating the cancer, but you’ll also get other health benefits of walking, like a stronger heart!

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Beating prostate cancer is a walk in the park
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