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Beating cancer begins with your diet! Here's how to choose the right foods…

by , 22 October 2014

It may seem like your life has ended when you receive the cancer diagnosis, but it's far from over.

Not only can you keep fighting to improve your health, but there are easy ways to do it.

And it all starts with your diet.

Here are five steps to choosing the right foods to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep fighting the invading cells…

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Beat cancer with your diet – feed your body the right foods

Dr Bonnie Schnautz, a digestive health specialist, says she sees dozens of patients who are looking for alternative treatments to the typical ones involving chemo, radiation and surgery.
And even if they’re undergoing traditional treatments, keeping their bodies healthy through alternative ones is a must.
It’s the same for you and it doesn’t matter what choices you make for treatments going forward, eating healthy foods is an essential part of winning your cancer fight.
Follow these five steps to make sure you’re providing your body with the power to fight the invasion.
Step 1: Choose quality
You simply can’t afford to eat processed foods, those with artificial nutrients or ones that don’t come from 100% natural ingredients.
Cancer Research UK says that experts have found that diet plays a role in as many as one in ten cases of cancer. The publication goes on to says a connection between eating less than five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is evident in half these cases.
Step 2: Go natural
Foxnews.com says to eat foods in the closest form available in nature.
Eating refined foods not only increases your cancer risk, when refined sugars and starches break down, they literally feed cancer cells, helping them to grow and proliferate.
Instead of eating refined foods containing white flour, eat whole-grains like barley, millet and rye.
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Step 3: Support your immune system
Because 70% of your immune system is in your gut, what you eat can either harm it or help it.
When you eat healthy, natural foods, the friendly bacteria in your gut benefit and they boost your immune system. And while the exact relationship between eating healthy foods and your immune system’s ability to fight cancer isn’t filly understood, recent research on women with breast cancer says eating fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grains increased their survival rate.
So, boost your immune system by eating more fresh foods that contain a variety of nutrients that help your body fight invading cells. Good examples of these are berries, onions and garlic.
Step 4: Check your sugar
As we mentioned above, eating refined foods containing high levels of sugar feed cancers cells. But the relationship is a little more complicated than that.
In fact, you can’t simply give up eating sugar! This because your brain and other cells would starve, leaving them even more susceptible to harm.
Instead, you need to eat the right type of sugar like those that come naturally in fruit and veg.
It’s the added sugars you find in cereals, yoghurt and baked goods that can wreck havoc on your already pressurised system.
Step 5: Drink up!
There might be days you simply can’t face eating anything. But fasting is the worst thing you can do to your body. Instead of forcing yourself to eat, drink your daily calories.
Look for a natural meal replacement shake or liquidise fruit and veggies, turning them into a smoothie. Be sure to add them whole as drinking the juice only means your blood sugar will spike and crash, you need the fibre they contain to prevent this.
As you can see, a healthy diet is essential for your overall health when you’re fighting cancer. Use these five steps to ensure you feed your body the right nutrients every day so it can keep fighting. 

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Beating cancer begins with your diet! Here's how to choose the right foods…
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