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Are you a breast cancer survivor? Here are five things to watch for…

by , 22 November 2014

If you've been through a vicious fight against breast cancer and your doctor has given you a clean bill of health, don't let your guard down. You need to be aware of these five risks that affect breast cancer survivors…

Be on guard for these five risks that affect breast cancer survivors

It’s the last thing you want to think about – another health scare. But it’s important that you know about these risks and keep an eye out for them to protect your health:

  1. Cancer of the uterine: If you took or take tamoxifen, a hormone therapy drug, your risk for uterine cancer is higher. If you experience abnormal vaginal bleeding, check with your doctor.

  2. Lymphedema: If you have had some of your lymph nodes removed under your arms, you’re more susceptible to painful swelling of this area. Be careful not to injure your arm where you have had the surgery. If the area becomes swollen, see your doctor.

  3. Ovarian Cancer: Breast cancer survivors may have an increased risk of ovarian cancer because of the genetic link between the two diseases. Speak to your doctor about having a hysterectomy if the genetic test shows an elevated risk.

  4. Cardiac problems: Intensive radiation ad tamoxifen could result in an increased risk for cardiac problems, blood clots and stroke. Watch your diet and be sure to exercise regularly. See your doctor straight away of you feel pain your legs or chest, or swelling in your legs, or get a sudden headache or shortness of breath.

  5. Bone loss: Aromatase drugs may increase bone loss. Have regular bone density checks

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    Start your breast cancer survival plan today

    You may have felt like you were given a second life when you got your clean bill of health from your doctor after your fight with breast cancer but don’t let your guard down.

    Keep a look out for the five risks above and know the symptoms so you can seek medical advice as soon as possible and help prevent any side effects of the cancer drugs and hormone changes you may experience.

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Are you a breast cancer survivor? Here are five things to watch for…
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