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Are the vitamins you're taking reducing your risk of skin cancer?

by , 24 January 2014

After a hot summer, spent in the sun, you may have a nagging thought about skin cancer in the back of your mind. Although you don't have any visible signs, you know the stats, and they're not pretty. But research says you can decrease your risk of developing skin cancer and it's as simple as taking vitamin supplements …

AOne in every type of cancer diagnosed is skin cancer. That’s according to the World Health Organisation which also says about 3 million people get non-melanoma skin cancer, and 130,000 melanoma skin cancer ever year.
But what does this mean?
Well, a non-melanoma cancer is the most common form of skin cancer. This is good news because it’s the less aggressive of the two. You can usually have the cancer cut out of your skin in a simple procedure. 
And, there’s even more good news…
A study found that grape seed extract can decrease the risk of skin cancer
Taking grapeseed extract as a supplement could significantly decrease the risk of skin cancer developing. This information came from a study posted in the Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology. 
They also found that by taking a multivitamin, you’re also likely to decrease your risk of getting skin cancer. This section needed further research, but the evidence was there!
Lather up on sun cream and take your grapeseed extract to prevent skin cancer
So now you have a two-fold defence against the blazing African sun! Remember to always lather up with sun cream, and add grapeseed extract to your diet!
And remember, if your body develops a cancer, you’re at a greater risk of developing other types of cancers too. So don’t delay. Start your taking grapeseed supplements and multivitamins today. 

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Are the vitamins you're taking reducing your risk of skin cancer?
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