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An apple a day keeps colon cancer away

by , 18 April 2013

For years, you've heard that an apple a day could help keep the doctor away. Now, a new study is getting a bit closer to uncovering the reason why. Read on to discover how a trace mineral in apples could be the key to preventing fatal colon cancer.

Colorectal Cancer, also known as colon cancer occurs, when abnormal cells grow in the lining of the large intestine or rectum. This type of cancer is highly curable when found early.

Since prevention is better than cure, why not help prevent it?

Colon cancer prevention may be as simple as eating an apple a day!

Apple skins are high in antioxidants, particularly in trace mineral called selenium.

“A recent study found that individuals with a high level of selenium in their blood had a 34% lower risk of developing colon cancer compared to those with the lowest levels of selenium,” writes Christine O’Brien of Nutrition & Healing.

So basically not getting enough selenium in your diet or through supplementation puts you in a higher risk group of developing colon cancer.

Here’s why you should add apples to your diet to help prevent colon cancer

To determine how much selenium you might be getting, you need to think about your diet.

And this brings us to the apple and other good food sources of selenium you should consider eating more of to make up for what you might be lacking.

“Brazil nuts are another powerhouse source of selenium, as are protein foods such as fish, meat, poultry, cereals and grains. And opting for organic versions of these foods will increase how much of the nutrient you get,” writes O’Brien.

But since it’s difficult to tell just how much selenium your foods really contain, Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing suggests you supplement with 200-500 micrograms of selenium per day. But since Selenium can be toxic at high doses, so you should work closely with a nutritional physician to be safe.

In addition to preventing colorectal cancer, research shows selenium’s could help keep you safe from other kinds of cancer as well, like breast and prostate cancer.

Including apples and other foods rich in selenium will help ensure you keep fatal cancers like colorectal cancer at bay.

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An apple a day keeps colon cancer away
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