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Add soybeans to your diet to prevent cancer!

by , 22 February 2013

There are many ways that eating a healthy diet protects the body. Now, adding soybeans to your diet has been proven to help stop many forms of cancer in its tracks. But you'll have to be careful about the type of soy products you add to your family's diet…

It may be slow-growing, but prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer.
Prostate cancer is diagnosed in an estimated 80% of men who reach age 80, says WebMD.
And it’s often diagnosed late, as there are no warning signs or symptoms of early prostate cancer
Soybeans and mushrooms could stop prostate cancer in its tracks!
Now, mushroom-supplemented soybean extract shows promise for advanced prostate cancer, says the UC Davis Health System.
Genistein-combined polysaccharide or GCP is an extract cultured from soybeans and shiitake mushrooms, and could help lengthen the life expectancy of prostate cancer patients. And it’s available in all good health stores. 
Everybody should eat soybeans… Or tofu
And it’s not just men who benefit from eating soy.
Early intake of soy from whole soy foods like miso, tofu and soybeans also plays a protective role against breast cancer and decreases the recurrence of breast cancer, says the Huffington Post.
Just remember that freshly picked soybeans are highly toxic and can only be rendered edible by chemical processing and acid baths, says FSP Health.
So stick to naturally tastier soy options like tofu to protect your family from cancer!

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Add soybeans to your diet to prevent cancer!
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