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A recent cancer diagnosis has left devastation in its wake. But you CAN get back on your feet again

by , 09 December 2014

If your doctor recently told you that you have cancer, you might think your life is over.

But, just like Jason White, lead guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day, with love and support, you can make it through.

The band released a statement this weekend confirming that Jason was undergoing a tonsillectomy when doctors found he had a small tumour on his tonsils.

Fortunately, they said because they found it so early in its progression, he will undergo treatment and they expect him to make a full recovery.

According to The Guardian, since the announcement, there's been a flood of well wishes and messages of support for Jason.

And support is exactly what you need to get through your recent cancer diagnosis too.

Coping with your cancer diagnosis starts with building a support structure

Telling your loved ones about your cancer diagnosis might be just as scary as the diagnosis itself, but you need support.
Even if you don’t feel like you do and, that you can “cope” with it on your own, it’ll be easier for you once you do tell them.
One of the reasons you might feel like you’d rather keep your diagnosis to yourself is because you feel like you’re a failure.
Dr Jessie Gruman, who has gone through three separate episodes of cancer, says the first step in getting back on your feet is to realise you’re not at fault.
She says: “Go easy on yourself.”
It’s not a case of moving on with your life and pretending nothing bad has happened. It has! And the sooner you acknowledge it, the easier life will be.
She also says, if you feel overwhelmed with activities in your life since the diagnosis, give some up! You can always take more responsibility back on at a later stage.
You won’t always feel like you do right now!
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Don’t let your cancer diagnosis dictate your life, but don’t dismiss it either

Even though you feel devastated right now, things will get better, says WebMD.com.
And when you do feel better, allow yourself to do so! It’s also important to tell your friends and family how you feel. They too can laugh and enjoy their life. They don’t have to be miserable on your behalf!
The next step in coping with your cancer diagnosis is to find out as much as you can about your illness.
When your doctor first told you, you probably didn’t even take in half of what he said. And that’s completely normal!
Now it’s time to sit down and do the research. From finding out what your treatment options are to keeping your health on track so your body can fight the cancer, it’s essential you know what’s going on with your body.
But be patient, says Dr Gruman! And don’t give up.
At first, it might be hard to find information specific to your diagnosis, but as soon as you start finding the right sources, the more information you’ll have available.
Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Choose the right people to support you after your cancer diagnosis. Speak to your loved ones openly and honestly and it’ll be easier to put your trust in them when things get a bit tough.
Bottom line: Your cancer diagnosis might be the scariest thing you’re going through, but support, love and knowledge can get you through!

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A recent cancer diagnosis has left devastation in its wake. But you CAN get back on your feet again
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