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A cup of coffee a day can significantly decrease your chance of developing alcohol-induced liver cancer

by , 03 July 2015

Coffee is the morning pick-me-up of millions. Every day, people drink coffee to increase their wakefulness and improve their concentration and focus.

I bet you do too.

And now there's even more reason to do so.

Earlier this year, researchers at the World Cancer Research Fund in the UK revealed that drinking coffee has an additional (and much more meaningful) benefit…

Liver cancer prevention! (Especially that caused by regular alcohol consumption.)

In the study, published in the Continuous Update Project 2015 report, researchers explain that regular alcohol consumption is enough to cause liver cancer. But gulping down just two cups of coffee a day can reverse this harmful effect!

Read on to find out more.

Warning: Three or more drinks a week can lead to liver cancer!

Amanda McLean, Director of World Cancer Research Fund UK, explains that, up until now, researchers around the world have been unsure about the amount of alcohol likely to cause liver cancer. 
Now, in this new study, researchers have proven that consuming alcohol regularly (described as three drinks or more each week) can land you with this fatal condition. 
The good news is that the study also found that tossing back just one cup (or more) of coffee a day can significantly reduce your risk of developing liver cancer.
Even one cup of coffee a day can help prevent liver cancer development 
The new high-quality study included a whopping 8.2 million people; more than 24,500 of whom had liver cancer. Out of these patients, researchers found that those who consumed one cup of coffee or more per day were at a 14% decreased liver cancer risk. 
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McLean explains that this newfound relationship between coffee and liver cancer is strong and highly significant. She explains that this positive, protective effect of coffee on liver cancer is exciting and can be very helpful especially for those who consume alcohol regularly.

Just don’t overdo the coffee, it can cause also cause health problems

McLean explains that there’s uncertainty about the various variables that may affect the association between coffee consumption and reduced liver cancer risk, such as caffeine, sugar and milk. 
Due to the effect of coffee on other medical conditions (for example, heart problems), recommendations for daily coffee consumption cannot yet be made. However, researchers say that one cup a day won’t hurt, and will be enough to reduce your risk of liver cancer.
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A cup of coffee a day can significantly decrease your chance of developing alcohol-induced liver cancer
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