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7 Easy ways to slash your risk of cancer

by , 29 May 2018
7 Easy ways to slash your risk of cancer
The rate of cancer is increasing and could surpass the current number one killer, heart disease in the next few years.

If you have a history of cancer in your family, you may be concerned that this dreaded disease could strike you at any time.

But, did you know, there are just over a handful of ways that you can cut your risk of cancer significantly?

Keep reading to find out what they are…

Reduce your chances of cancer – here’s how…

#1. Stay away from fragrances

You may love how you smell after applying perfume, soaps, fabric softeners and skin cremes, but the chemicals in them can make you really sick. They can increase your risk for cancer. How do you know which to avoid? Easy. If it says ‘fragrances’ on the product label, give it a miss.

#2. Increase your fermentable insoluble fibre intake

Fermentable, insoluble fibre, found in oats, legumes, rice, cashews and green bananas don’t get broken down during digestion. But, when they reach your colon, they encourage the bacteria in your gut to produce a fatty acid called butyrate which prevents cancer.

#3. Filter your water

Tap water contains chemicals that treat it. While this may sound like a good idea, these chemicals can be toxic. Unfortunately, bottled water isn’t always as pure as you may think, and the plastic bottles may leech out chemicals that disrupt your endocrine system, so the best is to filter your water using a reliable water filter.


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#4. Get your sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D, which your body produces when exposed to direct sunlight (yes, that means without sunblock), has been shown to prevent cancer. In fact, many cancer patients are deficient in vitamin D. You just need a few minutes in the sun, around 15-20 minutes per day, for your body to make this vitamin free! Suntanning for longer than that can increase your risk for cancer so be sure to limit the amount of time you stay in the sun to what you need. You can also take a vitamin D3 supplement to make sure you’re getting enough of this important vitamin.

#5. Enjoy a cuppa tea!

Green tea, specifically, contains polyphenols and catechins which help prevent cancer. So, sit back, take a load off and drink a cuppa every now and again throughout the day.

#6. Home-clean your clothes

While dry-cleaning may leave your clothes sparkling clean and starchy, it may increase your chances of getting cancer if your dry-cleaner uses perchloroethylene (PERC). Find a more health-friendly dry-cleaner or opt for less of a crisp look.

#7. Go nutty

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which was found to reduce the risk of cancer by almost 40%! Add this tasty snack to your lunchbox for a healthier future!

Cancer prevention doesn’t have to be complicated. If you apply these seven tips, there’s a bigger chance you’ll be keeping cancer at bay.

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7 Easy ways to slash your risk of cancer
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