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6 year old girl given HIV to fight her cancer! You don't need “serial killer cells” - here's how to fight cancer the natural way

by , 04 July 2013

Pharma giant G.E. has revealed their newest cancer treatment. And it's an incredibly aggressive one. It's even worse than chemotherapy. The new therapy actually mutates the virus commonly known as HIV, creating “serial killer cells” that target cancer cells. What they don't want you to know, is that you can beat cancer naturally!

The video below opens on a doctor wearing a white lab coat and a stern expression. He tells the extraordinary story of little Emma, a six year old girl whose leukemia was so aggressive that she was terminally ill.
Emma was so sick that her parents allowed her to be part of a dangerous clinical trial testing an HIV-based treatment for cancer.

That’s right, this little girl was infected with HIV to treat her cancer
You can only imagine how desperate her parents must have felt. Many other traditional treatments had failed them, so they subjected their already-ill daughter to potentially fatal treatment. The treatment took HIV cells and mutated them into what doctors call “serial killer cells”.
Instead of targeting healthy cells, they targeted only the leukemia cells in Emma’s body. The treatment initially made her so sick that doctors thought she wouldn’t make it.
And Emma’s not the first. There are reports that this treatment is being used on other cancer patients, reports FSP Health.
But you don’t have to opt for such drastic treatment if you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer.
You don’t need such drastic treatments to fight cancer, there’s a better way…

Big companies and mainstream media don’t usually advocate natural treatments because – long story short – there’s no way to make money on them! But in How to Fight Cancer and Win, natural health expert William L. Fisher details several strategies to beat cancer naturally.
For instance, did you know…
  • Raw linseed oil is so rich in healthy fatty acids it’s used to fight cancer in Europe?
  • Bee pollen contains an active anti-cancer ingredient that can noticeably decrease the side effects of radiation treatment?
  • Following a macrobiotic diet has proven to dramatically improve health in prostate cancer patients?
Fortunately, little Emma survived the HIV cancer treatment and her leukemia was cured. Thankfully, you have hundreds of natural alternatives to such a traumatising treatment. 

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6 year old girl given HIV to fight her cancer! You don't need “serial killer cells” - here's how to fight cancer the natural way
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