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Your ultimate diet for top hip health and joint strength…

by , 09 May 2013

If Facebook's anything to go by, everyone and their soccer-jersey wearing dog has a comment on Sir Alex Ferguson's resignation as Manchester United's manager. But do they know why he's stepped down? The news leaked before Ferguson's intended public announcement, but he's confirmed it's a combination of age (he's 71!) and pending hip surgery that would have kept him out of action for at least three months anyway. Here's how to make sure your hips stay healthy so you avoid similar hip surgery.

Sir Alex Ferguson faces hip surgery that’ll require three months of recuperation, says The Mirror
This would have left the 71-year-old out of action for the start of Manchester United's title defence at the start of next season, which is why he’s stepped down as manager.
And hip surgery’s becoming increasingly common.
The reason?
Joint replacement like hip surgery usually only becomes an option when hip pain and loss of function become so severe that other forms of treatment no longer relieve the pain, says ShareCare
But your doctor will first use X-rays to look at the bones and cartilage in your hip to see whether they are damaged and to make sure that the pain isn't coming from somewhere else.
Don’t limit your ‘hip pain’ search to your hip area…
Because hip pain is not just limited in the hip but may also be bothersome in the thigh, buttock, knee or groin, says FDA Reports.
Luckily, you can take action to strengthen all your joints and prevent the need for hip surgery.
In fact, it’s been proven that tender knee joints can be soothed with cartilage rebuilt and further knee joint deterioration in your joints halted just by making a simple change to your diet, says Antoinette Pombo on FSP Health.
That’s because calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K can strengthen your bones and prevent fractures later in life.
The ultimate diet to enhance your joint strength throughout the day…
 So you can add more calcium from dairy products like yoghurt and cheese at breakfast time.
You can also add some vitamin D by adding eggs to your meal.
Then, go for oily fish like salmon or sardines for lunch, as this is a top way to get more vitamin D, says GlobalHealingCentre.  
Lastly, don’t forget to top up on vitamin K with a salad of tomatoes and leafy green vegetables like spinach for supper.
It’s a healthy, tasty diet that’ll keep your joints supple and possibly prevent the need for hip surgery down the line.

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Your ultimate diet for top hip health and joint strength…
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