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Your favourite pain relief gel isn't working as it should

by , 04 August 2015

A few nights ago, my dad fell out of bed.

He got up in the middle of the night but forgot he wasn't at home. He was out camping. Instead of looking for his roof-top tent's steps, he threw his legs over the side of the bed and got up. The bed he fell out of was 2.5m off the ground!

He was in a world of pain. Bruised, bashed and swollen.

Maybe you've taken a serious tumble and hurt yourself recently too. And maybe, like my dad, the first thing you did was limp over to your first aid box for a tube of Voltaren. But his relief was short lived.

So I suggested he try DMSO.

He's still thanking me three weeks later…

Here's why DMSO is the most powerful pain relief compound around.


DMSO is the most impressive pain reliever I’ve ever investigated – that’s why I gave it to my dad

There are a LOT of pain relief remedies out there. 
Hundreds, possibly thousands, of brands are sold every year. 
None come close to DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide.
DMSO certainly sounds like some substance cooked up in a Big Pharma lab, but it’s actually a natural by-product of paper production. 
So how is it effective in deep penetrating pain relief?

Here’s how it works: 

#1: It blocks your nerve conduction fibres that produce pain and reduces inflammation and swelling by reducing inflammatory chemicals. 
#2: It also improves blood supply to the injured area. It dilates your blood vessels and increases oxygen delivery. This, in turn, stimulates the healing process.
#3: And the best part is, it delivers pain relief directly to the source of the pain in seconds. That’s right, thanks to its solvent properties, DMSO acts like a taxi that carries other pain relief ingredients straight to the source of your pain. 
That means DMSO does what other topical pain relievers like Voltaren can’t: Get deep below your skin’s muscle layers. 
It delivers relief directly to the source of your pain. And that means you need only a drop or two to feel relief – no matter where your muscle injury lies.
It’s not surprising the New York Times called DMSO “the closest thing to a [health] wonder”. And Harvard, the Boston University Medical Center, the University of London and Chairman of the University of Detroit’s chemistry department, Dr H Harry Szmant, support this fact. 

So where can you find DMSO?

DMSO is hard to come by on its own. 
Because the FDA hasn’t approved it yet – despite over 20 years of scientific evidence to prove it works, safely and effectively – the only place you can usually find it is at a Vet who works on horses.  
But it is available in good health stores and in some of the best natural pain remedies out there like Biosil and Care DMSO pain relief spray.
It’s also the main ingredient in FSP Nutritionals’ Ultimate Pain Relief.  
Like the experts say, it can literally rub out your pain on contact. And I’ve got my dad to prove it. 

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Your favourite pain relief gel isn't working as it should
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