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Use mint oil to 'cool' your joint pain

by , 28 May 2013

Pain is typically a symptom of an underlying health problem. But what do you do when you don't know what's causing it and painkillers aren't helping? Read on to discover how using mint oil could help you alleviate joint pain.

If you have joint pain, it can be demoralising and debilitating both physically and mentally.

For chronic pain sufferers, over-the-counter pills offer very little help, while morphine and other drugs are highly addictive and dangerous.

So what do you do?

Luckily, a recent study points to a natural remedy used by the ancient Greeks and in traditional Chinese medicine to soothe sprains, ease joint pain and suppress inflammation: Mint oil.

Here’s how using mint oil will help you alleviate chronic pain

“Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have taken the healing properties of mint oil and created a cooling compound for chronic pain sufferers,” writes Antoinette Pombo in Health Bytes.

According to the researchers, the compound works by activating a recently discovered nerve cell receptor that blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. The receptor, called TRPM8, is located on a small percentage of skin cells and is triggered by cooling temperatures like those created by the application of the cooling compound.

It’s hoped the topical compound will benefit those for whom regular pain medication is often ineffective, such as arthritis sufferers or people who endure pain from nerve damage or spinal injury.

In addition, the cooling compound has fewer side effects than conventional painkillers.

Although there’s no specific dosage, mint oil is available in your local health shop. Using it could help you alleviate joint pain.


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Use mint oil to 'cool' your joint pain
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