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Travelling tips for arthritis sufferers...

by , 22 June 2018
Travelling tips for arthritis sufferers...
When you have to live with painful joints, planning a holiday isn't the easiest thing to do, especially if you're planning to travel with more mobile, younger people.

But don't let that stop you. Follow the tips below to reduce the strain on your joints while on holiday so that you and your family can have an enjoyable break.

Travel tips to keep your joints pain-free...

1. Select a joint-friendly car: Check with the car rental company, a select few offer cars with swivel seats and hand controls. The less pressure on your knees and ankles during driving, the better.  

2. Avoid queues: Try to travel mid-week and during low season when possible. Book and confirm your seats online and pre-order your forex. You'll avoid unecesary queues.  

3. Book wisely: Request an isle seat on the plane, or if available, the door seat which has more legroom. When booking your hotel, request a room near the lift. At the airport, request a motorised escort, or at least wheelchair assistance. And, don't be shy to ask the air-hostess to stow your luggage for you.  

4. Essential assistive devices: Don't assume you'll manage without a little help. Pack a folding cane, walker or travel chair, a travel pillow, a hot water bottle and a cold gel pack.  
5. Be medication-ready: Pre-sort your tablets into a pillbox so that you don't have to carry five or six different bottles with you. Also ask for an extra prescription in case you lose your hand luggage or the medication while on holiday. 

6. Watch what you eat: Junkfood is inflammatory so avoid buying unhealthy ready-to-eat food while on holiday. Be extra vigilant when you eat at restaurants, ask the waiter specific questions about the meals on offer so that you can avoid sugar, unhealthy sauces and foods that trigger flare-ups.

7. Plan your breaks: You won't be able to sit for long periods of time, so plan stop-overs and frequent breaks to stretch your legs and get your circulation going. If you're flying, get up and walk up and down the isle a few times during the flight.

Keep reading to find out which supplements to take with you for a pain-free holiday...

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5 Supplements to take on holiday with you

Chondroitin: Studies show it suppresses inflammation and protects the joints from damage. 

MSM: Numerous studies showed that this molecule reduces pain and improves range of movement. 
Omega-3: Research confirms that Omega-3 fish oil relieves pain and reduces the need for painkillers. 

Ginger Extract: This herb reduces morning stiffness and pain. 

A pain-relieving ointmentYou never know when you're going to get struck with pain, so having a proven, strong natural ointment to rub on your sore joints is a good way to ensure you can carry on enjoying your holiday!

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Travelling tips for arthritis sufferers...
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