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Today is World Arthritis Day - use these 3 tips to reduce inflammation and pain...

by , 12 October 2020
Today is World Arthritis Day - use these 3 tips to reduce inflammation and pain...
You just never know when you're going to have a bad day - and lately, the bad days come by more frequently...

Inflammatory flare-ups can make it difficult to get around and even the simplest of tasks can be a challenge... Not to mention the constant nagging pain that can get you down and make you feel miserable on the sunniest of days...

So, today, on World Arthritis Day, I'd like to share with you three tips to keep the inflammation down - and reduce your pain.

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3 Dietary tips to soothe your joints for better days...

These three tips are simple - but if you haven't mastered them - you will continue to have bad days - and with time, they'll become more frequent too...

So, back to basics step 1:

Cut out refined carbohydrates, like sugar and flour, and processed foods (packaged foods).

They contain so many inflammatory offenders, you're just asking for trouble if you include them in your diet.

Back to basics step 2:

Forget calorie counting or anything of the sorts - instead, focus on allocating three quarters of every meal to fruit and vegetables, and one quarter to healthy protein. 

Vegetables and fruit are rich in antioxidants - which dowse inflammation and also protect your joints from further damage.

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Back to basics step 3:

The final most basic step you can take to ensuring your joints stop hurting and messing up your days is to take an omega-3 supplement every day.

Unless you eat fatty fish, like salmon, tuna and sardines, at least three times per week, this is the only way to nourish your joints with these healthy fatty acids they're so desperately crying out for. 

Omega-3 suppresses the immune system's knee-jerk reaction to arthritic joints, which induces inflammation.

While inflammation can be helpful in acute cases - chronic inflammation from degenerating joints makes matters worse... So it's important to control inflammation...

And the three most basic and easiest ways to do this is to follow these three back to basics steps to healthier joints! 

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Today is World Arthritis Day - use these 3 tips to reduce inflammation and pain...
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