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Three tips to help you take care of your bones and prevent bone loss

by , 13 June 2013

There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to the proper bone loss prevention and reversal strategies. That may be one of the reasons that in this age of exercise and health enthusiasts, osteopenia (early bone loss) and osteoporosis are on the rise. Here are three natural solutions you can use to prevent bone loss.

When it comes to bone health, misconceptions may be your biggest downfall.

For instance, many people still think drinking a lot of milk will keep their bones strong and many take antacids or pills as their only supplemental calcium.

Luckily, it’s not too late to preserve your bones.

Here’s an outline of what you should be doing to take proper care of your bones.

Prevent bone loss by using the correct health measures to care of your bones

#1: Take a nutrient “cocktail”

Calcium is the major mineral constituent of bone. Odds are, if you’re currently protecting your bones, you’re supplementing with it.

But, “it’s possible to take what appears to be plenty of calcium and still lose too much bone, because of deficiencies in nutrients including manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc for example,” says Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing. That’s why it's important to take calcium along with other mineral nutrient (and every vitamin too) that’s known to be essential to life.

It’s also important to consider the absorbability of calcium. Calcium citrate and calcium lactate are the best-absorbed forms, calcium carbonate and calcium oxide are the worst absorbed. And calcium as hydroxyapatite (a form found in bone), aspartate, malate, succinate and fumarate fall somewhere in between.

How much calcium is enough?

At least 1,000mg daily. But, if you’ve already lost some bone, Dr Wright recommends doses of1,200mg to 1,500mg a day.

If you take calcium (along with magnesium) at bedtime to help you sleep better, for better absorption split quantities if they’re over 1,000mg a day. Take one dose in the morning and one before bed.

#2: Whole grains and animal proteins promote bone loss if you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables…

If you want to prevent (and even reverse) bone loss, eat more vegetables and fruits than you do total animal proteins and grains.

Otherwise, you can supplement all the calcium you want and most or all of it will just go right back out again. “Considerable evidence demonstrates that nearly all animal proteins tend to promote calcium and bone loss, as do grains (even the more healthful whole grains),” says Dr Wright.

In contrast, nearly all vegetables and fruits help your bodies retain calcium and bone.

According to Dr Wright, decades ago health researchers reported that women who had been strictly vegetarian all their lives had on the average a 30-35% greater bone density when in their 70sthan women who’d followed an “omnivorous” diet.

#3: Exercise! It doesn’t take much, but it’s key to bone health...

It doesn’t take a great deal of exercise to reap the strengthening benefits. Walking briskly for half an hour daily is enough for either sex. If more exercise is possible even better!

There you have it. Use these three tips to take care of your bones and prevent bone loss.


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Three tips to help you take care of your bones and prevent bone loss
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