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This unexpected sign could warn you of osteoporosis...

by , 13 August 2021
This unexpected sign could warn you of osteoporosis...
It affects as many as one in five women and one in twenty men over 50, but many people find out they have osteoporosis only when they fracture or break a bone, and seek medical assistance.

Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones - a metabolic condition that develops slowly over the years.

Your body doesn't replace lost bone matter fast enough, making the bones porous and fragile.

But there's a simple, yet surprising way to tell your bones are weakening deep under your skin - find out what it is below...

Study finds osteoporosis causes hearing loss!

In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, researchers analysed the records of nearly 144,000 women, over a period of 34 years.

They found the risk of osteoporosis was 40% higher in those with hearing loss. 

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Scientists believe the metabolic changes in the body degenerate the middle ear ossicles which cause hearing loss.

So, if you've noticed your hearing is going... it's a good idea to also have a bone density test, so you can prevent your bones from becoming too weak.

And, there is a way to do this, keep reading... 

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How to replenish your oxytocin levels

Scientists at São Paulo State University in Brazil found that increasing levels of oxytocin - often known as the love hormone - can do the trick. 

The study showed that when oxytocin was administered to female rats at the end of their fertile period, the hormone reversed precursors of osteoporosis.

Seratonin and oxytocin are closely related - so improving your mood naturally will help...

Try yoga, listening to music, having a massage, meditating and take a vitamin D3 supplement along with magnesium.

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This unexpected sign could warn you of osteoporosis...
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