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This diet can help you avoid frailty as you get older

by , 09 February 2018
This diet can help you avoid frailty as you get older
The Mediterranean diet is renowned for the benefits its offers your health, from boosting brain health and preventing cancer, to controlling diabetes and promoting weight loss.

As if you needed another reason to give this diet a try, a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has shown that the Mediterranean diet may also help keep you healthy and independent as you age by preventing frailty.

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Frailty is common among older people, with symptoms ranging from low energy to weak muscle strength

Frailty is becoming more common as our population ages. Symptoms usually include low energy, weight loss and weak muscle strength. Frailty also makes you more likely to suffer from various health issues, such as falls, fractures, disability, dementia, hospitalisation, nursing home placement and premature death.
It goes without saying that frailty is also associated with a lower quality of life.



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New study finds that people who follow the Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of becoming frail

Because diet is thought to play a key role in the development of frailty, researchers at University College London in the United Kingdom wanted to see if a healthy diet might reduce the risk. The researchers analysed evidence from all published studies examining associations between Mediterranean diets and the development of frailty in older adults. Their analysis include people in France, Italy, Spain and China.
“We found the evidence was very consistent that older people who follow a Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of becoming frail,” said researcher Kate Walters, PhD. “People who followed a Mediterranean diet the most were overall less than half as likely to become frail over a nearly four-year period compared with those who followed it the least.”
What’s more, a study from the University of Edinburgh showed that Mediterranean diets also keep brains from shrinking in old age. The researchers found that healthy seniors who closely followed a .Mediterranean diet had half the brain loss of those who didn’t follow the diet.
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This diet can help you avoid frailty as you get older
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