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This common household chemical could increase joint damage...

by , 13 March 2013

Hard work never killed anyone. Remember that addage? That may be so. But, if you're exposed to these chemical compounds, found in common household products, you could be aggravating your joint pain... Even causing permanent damage to your joints.

A recent study headed by a Yale researcher, of 4,000 men and women between the ages of 20 and 84, found that women who are repeatedly exposed to perfluoridated compounds (PFCs) have a much greater chance of developing osteoarthritis... And and the painful joints and disfiguring cartilage damage that accompany it.
These compounds are commonly used in non-stick coatings and stain repellants for pots, pans, carpeting and more.
You're probably wondering why only women were affected by the effects of these compounds? Well, the researchers can’t say for sure, but they suspect that PFCs upset the hormonal balance in women... Leaving them more susceptible to joint damage.
These same PFCs have also been linked to early menopause and elevated cholesterol.
If you use non-stick cookware and stain removers, perhaps you should reconsider and stay away from anything that exposes you to PFCs - especially if you're a woman. Having an eco-friendly home is one way that you can keep your family safe from health risks. Using natural products can prevent the dangers associated with health hazards.
The 145 year-old Russian secret to joint pain-relief...
Scientists have uncovered a substance that helps reduce pain and stiffness far better than most supplements.
This powerful substance is DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide. It was first discovered by a Russian researcher back in 1866. But the history of DMSO as a pharmaceutical began in 1961, when Dr Jacob was head of the organ transplant programme at Oregon Health Sciences University. Read more here...

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This common household chemical could increase joint damage...
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