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This African herbal remedy makes back and joint pain go away…

by , 19 November 2013

If your back or joints hurt and you want to avoid prescription drugs, there's one proven herb, grown right here in our back yard you should know about.

I'm talking about devil's claw and it grows throughout southern Africa. But more importantly, it has more than a quarter century of clinical trials behind it which prove it provides significant and lasting pain relief.

Back pain relief in just six weeks…
Before the manufacturers recalled Vioxx from the market because of its deadly side effects, researchers compared the drug to an aqueous devil’s claw extract in a randomised, double-blind pilot study of patients suffering from acute back pain

In the study that lasted six weeks, 88 patients took either devil’s claw (an extract containing 60mg of the active ingredient harpagoside) or 12.5mg of Vioxx. 

Double the number of patients in the devil’s claw group were pain-free at the end of the study compared to the Vioxx group.

Devil’s claw offers natural joint pain relief…

In an uncontrolled surveillance study, patients took a daily dose of 2.4g of an aqueous extract of devil’s claw, containing 50mg harpagoside. They experienced a 22.9% reduction in arthritis pain after 12 weeks. Another similar study of devil’s claw containing 60mg per day of harpagoside showed relief was strongest for patients with the worst initial pain. 

Devil’s claw is widely available in health shops. It’s affordable and it has years of scientific research behind it. Just remember, it can take several weeks to work, so give it time.

You can dance, bowl, golf, work in the garden and enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come...

Strengthen and enhance flexibility in your joints - naturally and without adverse side-effects - with this breakthrough nutritional discovery... Buy three bottles, get three at no cost. Satisfaction guaranteed - or your money back. Full details here...

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This African herbal remedy makes back and joint pain go away…
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