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This African herbal remedy could eliminate joint and back pain for good!

by , 06 February 2014

Here's great news if you're a pain sufferer dependent on pain killers.
There's an African herb that's better than any pain killer and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug) you've ever taken - at relieving inflammation and giving you lasting pain relief.

And it's grown right here in Southern Africa.

Devil’s Claw promises to banish pain
Found in the dust of the Kalahari Desert, Devil’s Claw is an herb that gets its name from the small hooks that cover its fruit. 
For hundreds of years the bushmen used it to treat their pain, liver and kidney problems, fever and malaria. 
Today, Devil's Claw could be the number one weapon at your disposal when it comes to fighting inflammation, arthritis, low back pain and even headaches.
Devil’s Claw is Godsend to pain sufferers
A randomised, double-blind study of patients suffering from acute back pain compared pain medication to an aqueous Devil’s Claw extract. 
Over six weeks, 88 patients received either 60mg Devil’s Claw or 12.5g of a pain killer.
At the end of the study, twice as many patients who took Devil’s Claw experienced no pain, compared to the group who took pain killers.
Another study found that patients with arthritis pain experienced relief after 12 weeks of a daily dose of 2.4g Devil’s Claw. 
But the good news doesn’t stop with joint and back pain
Devil’s Claw soothes tension and eases your muscle aches too
A clinical trial involving 63 patients found taking 3g of Devil’s Claw every day for four weeks is effective in relieving muscular pain.
And the best part is Devil’s Claw doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s affordable and available at any health shop.
If you’ve been bearing joint or lower back pain, this African herb could be your answer to lasting pain relief.

You can dance, bowl, golf, work in the garden and enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come...
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This African herbal remedy could eliminate joint and back pain for good!
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