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These vegetables could be the cause of your painful joints...

by , 17 January 2019
These vegetables could be the cause of your painful joints...
If you suffer from osteoarthritis, removing certain vegetables from your diet could eliminate the pain in your joints for good.

These veggies are known as Nightshade vegetables and they could be causing your pain. Find why, and how to test if this is the case for you below...

Why are Nightshade vegetables a problem?

Nightshade sensitivity isn’t an allergy but actually a progressive loss of the body's ability to process substances known as “solanine alkaloids,” which are found in all nightshade vegetables.

Solanine is actually a natural pesticide that these vegetables produce to deter insects from eating them. Over time, the body loses its ability to digest this substance which can cause inflammation and even a leaky gut. 

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Unfortunately, there’s no test that can tell you if your arthritis will respond to a nightshade-free diet. It’s strictly a “try it and see” situation.

Eliminate as many of these veggies as you can for at least three to four months and see if it makes a difference in your symptoms.

Find out below which veggies are Nightshade Vegetables...

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These are the main Nightshade vegetables...

* Tomatoes
* Potatoes
* Brinjals
* Goji berries
* Tobacco
* Bell peppers
* Chili peppers

Avoid these vegetables to see if your joint pain subsides. If it does, you know that you've developed a sensitivity to Nightshade veggies and should eliminate them from your diet for good. 

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These vegetables could be the cause of your painful joints...
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