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The desert herb that could reduce your need for painkillers...

by , 25 May 2020
The desert herb that could reduce your need for painkillers...
For centuries, the local cultures of South Africa used a particular herb to treat a variety of ailments, but its most common use was for rheumatism and pain relief.

Sweet relief from pain - without the side-effects... 

They call it devil’s claw. It’s just as effective as NSAIDs (common painkillers prescribed for joint pain) and other drugs. In fact, many people are able to cut back on their pain-relieving drugs once they start taking it. Some can even stop those drugs altogether.

A review of a dozen trials came to this conclusion: A powder preparation of devil’s claw was effective for osteoarthritis of the spine, hip, and knee. In a study of 89 people who took 670mg of devil’s claw three times a day for two months, severity of pain decreased significantly. The patients also increased their mobility. And there were zero side effects or safety risks.

Another study revealed the pain-relieving benefits of a daily dose of 2,460mg of devil’s claw. Patients improved after only 10 days of treatment.

In another, it was equally effective as - or superior to - use of an NSAID.

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But it’s not only effective for people with osteoarthritis…

In another study, people with rheumatoid arthritis took devil’s claw. It reduced their pain. And their joint mobility improved.

The effectiveness and safety of devil’s claw make it a good choice for relieving joint-related pain.

The active pain-fighting chemical in devil’s claw is called harpagoside. The best effects are seen when devil’s claw products contain at least 50mg of harpagoside per daily dose.

You will find devil's claw supplements at any health shop. 

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The desert herb that could reduce your need for painkillers...
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