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The best 5 ways to keep active - for Arthritis sufferers...

by , 18 November 2019
The best 5 ways to keep active - for Arthritis sufferers...
Decided you want to stay active, despite your sore joints?

Have you ever set out for a walk, only to find you're a kilometer from home and in such pain, you fear you won't make it back?

As ambitious and determined as you are - when your joints scream out in pain, you want to be able to be in a position to slow down, or even stop.

Take a look below at some exercises below that allow you to do that...

Exercises that allow you to go as fast - or as slow - as you need to go... 

Water Aerobics
This form of exercise uses your upper and lower body joints. It is usually done in chest-deep water which eases the impact on your joints. 

Do It Safely: Warm up for five to 10 minutes with easy walking and arm movements to loosen joints and relax muscles. 

Treadmill Walking
It allows you to go easy, and to hold onto the handlebars for support. You can pick up the pace or “climb” simulated hills, and slow it down to an easy stroll when you need to, depending on how you feel.

Do It Safely: Start slowly, 10 to 15 minutes at a time three or more days per week for a week or two, before gradually increasing the pace or incline.

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Elliptical Machine
It offers a great way to exercise because the machine does part of the work, and because your joints go through a fluid, circular motion, there’s less stress and strain on your lower body.

Do It Safely: Start with 10-minute sessions for the first few weeks, increasing time by five to 10 minutes per week. Begin at the lowest (easiest) slope and resistance settings.

Caution: If you have balance or coordination issues, this may not be the machine for you.

Look for a slow-paced class that emphasises proper form, improves flexibility, strengthens muscles and reduces stress.

Do It Safely: Learn a comfortable resting pose to do instead of those that might cause
discomfort. If you have severe arthritis, consider chair yoga.

Tai Chi
This mind-body martial art improves balance and reduces stress and arthritis pain.

Do It Safely: Wear comfortable shoes. If your range of motion is limited, ask the instructor for modified moves.

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The best 5 ways to keep active - for Arthritis sufferers...
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