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Swap steroid injections for this nutrient cocktail pain-buster...

by , 07 December 2018
Swap steroid injections for this nutrient cocktail pain-buster...
Steroid injections have been shown to damage the bones in the proximity of the injection site.

But what do you do if you have chronic pain that's affecting your quality of life?

Dr Jonathan Wright, a Naturopath Medical Doctor in the US wrote about a nutrient cocktail that he uses in his practice for his patients suffering from chronic pain. Read about it below...

The nutrient cocktail that wipes chronic pain away

Pain management has become a recognised field of study in recent years. There are even clinics internationally, dedicated to pain management... And, many hospitals have adopted pain-management wards and teams. 

The problem though, is that they still primarily use mainstream drugs and surgery with known adverse side effects. 

And, that's the last thing you need when you're trying to restore your health, while managing pain. 

Dr Wright, an award-winning and renowned doctor in Washington, uses a nutrient combination to relieve his patients' pain - and they tell him it works better than the pain drugs they tried before this nutrient cocktail. 

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The nutrient combination Dr Wright uses is based on the work of Dr John Myers, who found this therapy effective for all sorts of conditions –
from fibromyalgia to chronic pain.

It involves intravenous injections of a vitamin and mineral “cocktail” made up of vitamin C, the entire vitamin B complex (including vitamin B5, also known as dexpanthenol), magnesium and calcium.

Speak to your doctor about trying this nutrient cocktail if you suffer from chronic pain.

You will need to work with an Integrative Medicine doctor, like Dr Golding, based in South Africa, or contact the South African Society of Integrative Medicine for a doctor in your area. 

Chronic pain has many negative side-effects, including depression. Work with your doctor to treat the underlying cause of your pain and reduce your pain in the meantime with this nutrient cocktail pain-buster. 

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Swap steroid injections for this nutrient cocktail pain-buster...
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