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Study reveals why you should keep moving if you have joint pain...

by , 18 October 2019
Study reveals why you should keep moving if you have joint pain...
When your joints hurt, all you want to do is sit down and rest them.

But that may be the worst thing you do for your pain...

It turns out it's not rest your joints need to heal, it's movement.

Keep reading to find out more...

What happens when you move your joints

This new study, which was published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, analysed the effect of movement on joints. The researchers observed cartilage cells through a microscope, and what they saw could change your approach to exercise.

During movement, the cartilage in the joints compresses and expands. While this is happening, cartilage cells block inflammation to help you move.

And, when you block inflammation - the pain subsides, further damage to the joints is reduced, plus it gives your joints a chance to repair themselves! 

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Now, not all exercises are good for your joints.  

Keep reading to find out how to reduce your joint pain through movement...

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Great exercises for your joints

Do one of these exercises every day to get your joints moving:

* Swimming
* Water aerobics
* Yoga (or chair yoga if you prefer)
* Tai Chi
* Walking
* Cycling

Don't sit on the couch hoping not to hurt your joints - get up and move more - you'll be helping your joints repair themselves.

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Study reveals why you should keep moving if you have joint pain...
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