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Stiff joints from working out? Try these three tips…

by , 29 September 2017
Stiff joints from working out? Try these three tips…
When you were in your 20s, you hit the gym, jump on the treadmill and start working out without thinking twice about stiff joints. Now that you're older, there are days when it seems like a better idea to skip your workout altogether than to suffer with achy joints.

Since you're reading this, we're guessing that you can relate to stiff joints after working out. Not to worry though - we have three tweaks and tricks up our sleeve that will make staying active when you're hurting as simple as pie!

Three workout tips to prevent stiff joints

#1: Warm up properly
The warm-up is a crucial part of any workout. If you don’t warm up your muscles before jumping into a workout, you’re likely to experience joint pain afterwards, especially after age 40, according to David Kruse, a board certified sports medicine specialist with Hoag Orthopedic Institute in California in the United States. “Joints hurt more when muscles and tendons are stiff. As we age, our joint mobility and tissue flexibility decline. A thorough warm-up helps accommodate these changes,” he explains.
Your warm-up doesn’t have to be super-long or complicated. Just five minutes of light movements, like an easy walk, is enough to warm up your muscles, get your blood flowing and ready your body for the task at hand.


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#2: Use a foam roller
When your fascia – the elastic, web-like matrix of fibrous connective tissue that binds, supports or separates other tissues, joints and organs – becomes dry and brittle, it can intensify achy joints. Sue Hitzmann, an exercise physiologist and creator of The Melt Method says your fascia should act as a cushion for your joints and protect them during exercise. The more hydrated your fascia, the more cushion you get – but how do you rehydrate your fascia?
It’s simple: Use a soft foam roller to stimulate the cells of your fascia and help move fluid back into that tissue, according to Hitzmann. She adds that foam rolling just three times a week – either before or after working out – can reduce joint pain by half.
#3: Mix up your workouts
To avoid overuse injuries, it’s important that you do a different workout routine every day. This will also help avoid boredom and burnout (bonus!). You see, your muscles are involved in the function and control of your joints, so when they’re weak from overuse, your joints have no choice but to take on more impact. The result? Overworked joints, of course. Try mixing gentle exercise like yoga, biking or swimming with high-impact activities like running.
These top tips are sure to help you avoid stiff joints from working out in future!

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Stiff joints from working out? Try these three tips…
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