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Steroid injections linked to bone death...

by , 07 November 2018
Steroid injections linked to bone death...
If you experience joint pain in your hips due to osteoarthritis, you'll know how it affects every aspect of your life. And, because of this, you may be tempted to get your doctor to inject your hip bone with a steroid and anaesthetic solution to ease the pain for a while.

But a recent study shows you may need to think twice about this treatment in future - before it's too late. Find out more below...

Bone damage is a serious, irreversible problem

While the temporary pain relief from a steroid shot may give you a much-needed break from the pain and discomfort, the long-term consequences may be more bleak. 

In the recent study, which was presented at a meeting at the Radiological Society of North America, 120 patients who were treated with steroid injections were X-rayed at the time of the injection, and again between three to nine months after the injection.

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24% of the patients who received the injection had dead bone tissue in their upper thigh bones, compared to 9% in patients who hadn't received the injection.

Worse, 17% of the patients that received the injections in their hips, had the unfortunate experience of their thigh bones collapsing, compared to 4% in those that didn't have the injection.

Now, boned death is irreversible, so it's worth thinking twice about the potential risk associated with steroid injections for joint pain, before going through with it.

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Steroid injections linked to bone death...
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