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Natural remedies that help fight stress headaches

by , 16 July 2015

Stress headaches are awful. They can dampen your productivity at work and prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

They're caused like this: When you get frazzled, the muscles in your head and neck tense up. This constricts blood flow and can bring on the throb of a stress headache.

You generally feel stress headaches all over, like a dull but very distracting ache, in contrast to a migraine's one-sided pounding.

But not to stress (pun intended) - there are some natural remedies you can try that really work when it comes to fighting these headaches. Read on for more.

Foods that combat stress headaches

Foods rich in magnesium, like nuts, spinach, beans and Swiss chard, are very effective stress headache remedies. Magnesium pulls calcium from your muscle cells, helping your muscles to relax. 
Getting magnesium from food is the best, but supplements are another option. People 30 years old and younger need 310 mg a day, and those older require 320 mg. 
Also, beware of refined sugar, for it can trigger stress headaches. Refined sugar causes spikes and crashes in your blood sugar – the ultimate headache recipe! Ouch! Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit or low-fat frozen yoghurt.

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Exercise that can help relieve stress headaches

Try this: Put your thumb at the base of your skull, then look up so you’re creating firm, steady pressure. There’s an acupressure point there connected to the muscles that tend to tense up during stress headaches.
While pressing, breathe in as you count to five. Then, breathe out and count to ten. After doing this for five minutes, the pain should dissipate. And, if possible, take a 15 minute break from the stressful environment that lead to the headache.

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Natural remedies that help fight stress headaches
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