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Muscle mass loss in women is tied to excessive alcohol consumption

by , 12 June 2017
Muscle mass loss in women is tied to excessive alcohol consumption
It's well-known that excessive drinking can have negative effects on your learning, attention and memory.

According to a new study published online in Menopause, a NAMS journal, excessive drinking may also speed up muscle mass loss in women!

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New study ties muscle mass loss in women to excessive drinking

To reach their findings, researchers from Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea looked at nearly 2,400 postmenopausal women with an average age of 62. Of these women, 8% has sarcopenia – the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength that’s caused by both ageing and menopause.
The researchers noted that rates of sarcopenia were almost four times higher among women who were “high-risk drinkers” compared with those who were “low-risk drinkers”. They defined high-risk drinkers as those who consumed alcohol frequently and significantly, along with a lack of control over drinking, injuries related to drinking and blackouts.


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The researchers also found that women who were high-risk drinkers were significantly younger and more likely to be smokers, have high total cholesterol and have high blood pressure. They noted that other related effects of excessive drinking include irregular heart rhythms such as arrhythmia, damage to liver cells which could lead to organ failure, and fluid in the feet as a result of liver damage.

Muscle mass loss typically starts in midlife

According to the researchers, muscle mass loss usually starts in midlife and progresses at a rate of 6% per decade. On average, only 75% of midlife muscle mass remains after age 80. The researchers estimate that by 2030, the number of people over age 60 around the world will grow by 56%.
They noted that muscle mass loss affects the ability to do daily tasks as it takes a toll on gait and balance. 

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Muscle mass loss in women is tied to excessive alcohol consumption
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