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Kiss your joint problems goodbye with a hint of ginger!

by , 02 June 2016
Kiss your joint problems goodbye with a hint of ginger!
Do you suffer from stiff, achy joints and are yet to find an all-natural solution to put the dreadful problem to an end? I can see you desperately nodding your head!

Funnily enough, one of the most effective remedies for joint problems is already sitting in your spice rack. Did you have any idea that ginger is in fact one of the most potential anti-inflammatories? It's true!

In fact, a recent study conducted by University of Miami researchers revealed that ginger extract could even be a substitute to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NDAIDs).

The study compared the effects of highly concentrated ginger extract to placebo in 247 patients with osteoporosis of the knee. What they found was that the ginger reduced stiffness and pain in the knee joints by 40% over the placebo.

Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you more about how you can put an end to your joint problems with a sprinkling of ginger - a highly-rated medicinal spice.

This is what makes ginger so helpful with joint problems

According to a study led by Dr Roy Altman (MD) of the University of California, Los Angeles, ginger affects your body’s inflammatory processes at a cellular level. Simply put, what this means is that ginger soothes inflammation, the culprit behind joint issues like stiffness and pain, at the deepest level possible. This is what makes it so amazingly effective.
To further back things up, Dr Robert Lee (MD), the vice chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Bath Israel Medical Center in New York City, recently concluded that ginger has remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and antioxidant activities, as well as a small amount of pain-killing property. So how can you start consuming ginger right away to kiss your joint woes away?

These are the best ways to consume ginger for deteriorating joints

Choosing the most effective form of ginger is easily the biggest challenge to reaping its fantastic rewards. If you’ve ever perused the aisles of your local health store, you’ll know that ginger comes in a number of different forms, including teas, tinctures, capsules, powders, oils and even foods made from the fresh or dried root of the plant.
While every ginger product available boasts serious health benefits, Dr Lee reckons that capsules containing ginger provide better joint benefits than other forms. She says that this is because the ginger in capsules is usually of the purest form thanks to a “super-critical” extraction process. I know what you’re thinking right now – “but I thought ginger tea contains enough ginger to have a soothing effect!” Am I right?
According to Dr Lee, although ginger tea has a tremendously strong smell, it simply doesn’t contain enough ginger to have an anti-inflammatory effect on your joints. If you’re just looking to soothe a sore, scratchy throat, then yes, but as far as your joints go, capsules are what you need!

What to note before you start popping capsules

Dr Lee stresses the importance of taking your capsules with food. The reason for this is that although small amounts of ginger can help settle an upset stomach, highly concentrated doses can actually cause stomach upset. Interesting, isn’t it? Even if you just munch on a slice of toast before popping your capsules, be sure you always line your stomach.
Furthermore, Dr Lee says that it’s essential you consult your doctor before you start taking ginger if you’re diabetic or you use blood-thinning medication such as warfarin. And, if you’re undergoing any sort of surgical procedure, you should stop using your capsules at least two weeks prior.

PS: Go here now to find out where to get your hands on ginger root extract in the form of a capsule, and how its combination with five other nutrients in a 6-in1 formula can be just what you need to overcome and even reverse the demolishing effect of joint degeneration!

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Kiss your joint problems goodbye with a hint of ginger!
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