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Keep moving with Vitamin D

by , 28 October 2013

If you're struggling with getting around effortlessly and the mere thought of climbing a flight of stairs gets you out of breath, there's a simple nutrient that could make life easier for you.

It's vitamin D.

Effects of Vitamin D on mobility and muscle strength
Vitamin D is not only significant for strengthening your bones, it’s also vital for your muscle growth, balance and co-ordination.
Research shows older adults with low levels of Vitamin D may not be as strong, which could lead to a decrease in mobility over time.
If you’re in your 50s or early 60s and your vitamin D level is low, your risk of developing problems with basic movements such as sitting down, standing up and walking around could double.
If you’re over 65 and your vitamin D levels are low your risk of developing functional problems can rise as high as 70%. This is according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.
Improve your mobility with Vitamin D
When your vitamin D levels drop, you lose bone density. This means your bones weaken and puts you at risk for breaks and fractures, even if you don’t have osteoporosis.
The above study also showed low levels of Vitamin D could accelerate ageing by avoiding the mineralisation process. This in turn leads to more brittle bone.
Brittle bones can lead to fractured or broken bones far quicker than strong bones. As you get older any broken bone takes so much longer to heal. In some cases, breaks and fractures can lead to permanent disability. And you don’t want that.
Not only does a lack of vitamin D cause functional and mobility problems, it can also damage your immune system, heart and brain. To help prevent these problems later in life, all you need to do is get more vitamin D. Speak to your doctor about taking a natural vitamin D3 supplement. It’s safe and inexpensive and you can find it at any pharmacy or health shop.

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Keep moving with Vitamin D
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