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It's such a pain to live with pain; let's give you some relief!

by , 23 December 2013

Pain is an epidemic says the American Academy of Pain Management. Millions of people live with and suffer from daily chronic pain! Do you suffer from one of the most common forms of pain like arthritis, lower back pain and muscle pain? Or is your pain caused by something different? No matter what causes you pain in your body, today we'll provide you with some relief and show you how to live a pain free life.

When you’re living with untreated pain, it’s not only leaving you suffering, it’s a burden on your loved ones too. Have you been to countless doctors, where you walk away unsatisfied by the diagnosis and with another little tub of pills? 
Well, we’re going to ask you to give us the chance to help you on your way to managing your pain.

The Pain Report, written by Dr. William Campbell Douglass contains information you can use to simply and effectively treat your pain. At home. And fast! All of the remedies he describes have ingredients in them that you can find in your very own home. 

Changing your pain to gain

When you’re living with chronic pain, it’s important to change your lifestyle. It may not be easy, but it’s important for you to stop doing those activities that cause you pain. 

If your back hurts when you bend over to take the plates out of the drawer, come up with a nifty solution to keep them on the counter top. There are easy ways for you to make some beautiful stained wooden shelves to put those essential items in that you use every day. 

Do you find it unbearable to walk up the stairs to your room? How about rearranging your home and making the guest bedroom upstairs while you sleep in the downstairs room? You’ll not only experience less pain in the days that follow, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday in a new room. A wonderful way to distress and revive your tired body, just pretend you’re on holiday.

Sometimes pain can be relieved with exercise!

Check in with your doctor as to what exercises will be good for you to strengthen those muscles around the area of your pain. More support for the area mean less pain.
Every day stresses in your life can lead to your pain feeling worse. When you’re stress, you’re emotions run high and your body is tense. Learn to recognise the triggers of stress in your life, and learn how to control them to avoid and cope with them. Breathing techniques can help. And it’s why Ki-Kou techniques use the natural breathing response to relieve pain associated with a variety of ailments. Correct breathing is also an ancient technique of relaxation, and it’s free!
Don’t let the pain in your life manage you; let this information be the start to you managing your pain. 

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It's such a pain to live with pain; let's give you some relief!
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