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Is a deficiency in this mineral causing your joint pain?

by , 08 February 2019
Is a deficiency in this mineral causing your joint pain?
Research by Dr Rex Newnham shows that areas around the world that have a low intake of boron, have a higher incidence of arthritis.

For example, in parts of Australia, where boron is naturally high in drinking water (seven parts per million), there is no arthritis in humans or animals.

Israel is another country that boasts high levels of boron in its soil. As a result, there is a low 1% rate of arthritis.

On the other hand, the US has low boron levels and their rate of arthritis is high at 20%.

Find out below how South Africa fares in its levels of boron and whether addressing this deficiency could eliminate your joint pain for good...

South Africa's boron levels and your joint pain

The Xhosas in Transkei drink water with high-boron levels. They have a mere 3% rate of arthritis...

However, when they move into big cities, their rate of arthritis increases to 20% - the same incidence level at which South Africans experience arthritis.

South Africa has a typical incidence pattern, in which mostly elderly people are affected by arthritis. So while 20% is not that high, the pattern itself could reveal that as we get older, our bodies don't absorb boron as well as they do when we're younger.

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Interested to know which countries are worst off when it comes to boron levels and arthritis rates?

The worst off is Jamaica with a 70% arthritis rate, then Mauritius with 50%, followed by parts of Fiji with a 40% rate. 

Keep reading to find out why boron could be so good for your joints and where to find it... 

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Why boron is important for joint health...

According to Dr Alexander Schauss, boron’s relieves arthritis because of its ability to form specific steroid hormones, which alleviate the symptoms associated with arthritis.

It's great for building strong bones and muscles, increases testosterone levels, and improves thinking skills and muscle coordination.

Boron is not expensive and is available at any health shop or discount pharmacy.

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Is a deficiency in this mineral causing your joint pain?
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