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If you slept funny last night, here are three ways you can relieve neck pain

by , 13 February 2014

Even a tiny amount of strain in the muscles in your neck, like when you've slept funny, can cause large amounts of pain! But the good news is these three tips can help your muscles heal and you can get relief from neck pain.

There are many different ways you can strain the muscles in your neck, leaving them stiff and sore. 
Working the muscles in your stiff and sore neck is the most important part of healing. 
If you continue to keep it still, it’ll take longer for the neck pain to go away. 
You need to keep the muscles moving so you can increase the blood flow to the area and help heal the sore muscles quicker. 
Help your stiff and sore neck muscles heal with these three tips
Physically working on the area of neck pain is the most effective way to get the blood flowing to the area. 
But because there’s not always a masseuse on hand, you’ll have to use what you have. 
1. Massage the area where your muscles are sore and stiff
Be gentle but firm on the area. Use your fingers to massage the muscles in a circular motion. It’ll be slightly painful, but it should provide almost immediate relief. So keep massaging the area a few times a day for no more than 15 minutes at a time to ease the tension in the muscles. 
2. Apply a cold or heat pack
Ice helps reduce inflammation, and is best applied within the first 24 hours after you feel the strain. Apply an ice pack covered in a dish towel to the area in the morning while you’re making breakfast and remove it after 20 minutes. 
A heat pack will help increase the blood flow to the area, so a hot shower, heat pack or heating gel can significantly help with the healing process. 
3. Over-the-counter meds
While it’s probably not necessary to take meds if you’ve strained your neck, if you can’t cope with the pain, it won’t hurt to take an anti-inflammatory to help with the healing. 
Be sure to take proper care of the muscles in your neck. And use these three tips to promote healing for your neck pain And remember, while home treatment for the neck pain is ok when it’s a simple strain from sleeping in an awkward position or sitting too long in one position, always consult with your doctor if the injury is from something else like a blow to the neck, car accident, etc. 

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If you slept funny last night, here are three ways you can relieve neck pain
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