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How swearing and other strange remedies can help ease your pain

by , 13 February 2014

You've just tripped on the carpet and fallen flat on the floor. Before you can stop yourself, that awful four letter word had escaped your lips. Don't feel bad. Swearing can help you get pain relief without popping any pills…

Before you reach for that trusty source of pain pills, read this!
There are three effective, although somewhat strange, ways you can relieve your pain naturally. 
Opt for natural ways to relieve your pain before relying on medications
Many medications are bad for your health, and the trusty over-the-counter pain relief ones are no different. 
And while they can help if you suffer from chronic pain, you shouldn’t be so quick to reach for them with every ache and pain you have. 
Give one of these unconventional pain relief methods a try!
Three ways you can relieve your pain without popping a single pill
#1. Swear
Psychologists from Britain’s Keele University tested the pain endurance of 64 college students by sticking their hands in ice water. Some of the group were allowed to swear and others had to repeat a non-cuss word.
Those who used foul language had a lower response to pain! But the psychologists warn that frequent swearing could decrease the effect. If you’re using foul language, it becomes like normal words to your brain so use it sparingly.
#2. Hold the pill bottle
Whether empty of full, your trusted pain relief bottle can help with pain relief. 
The California State University did a study that shows simply holding the pills in your hand or holding the bottle without taking it may be enough to ease pain.
#3. Sniff you favourite fragrance
Smelling something you’re fond of can ease your pain. 
A pilot study published in Headache Quarterly included 50 chronic headache sufferers. They rated their headache pain both before and after smelling an inhaler infused with green-apple scent.
Those who liked the smell said their headache was less noticeable. And those who didn’t showed no difference in the intensity of their pain.
So go ahead, swear in pain, hold your bottle of medication or smell your favourite item and experience pain relief without taking a single dose of medication. 

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How swearing and other strange remedies can help ease your pain
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