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How level 4 lockdown can help relieve your joint pain...

by , 05 May 2020
How level 4 lockdown can help relieve your joint pain...
When you're struggling with joint pain, staying active can be difficult. It might even scream pure torture to you.

But the reality is it's really important. Especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Regular exercise helps…

* Maintain your weight and take the pressure off your joints.
* Surprisingly REDUCE pain!
* And, improve your mood.

Exercise shouldn't hurt your joints, it should help alleviate the pain... 

Swimming and exercising in warm water can be really soothing if you have rheumatoid arthritis - so if you have access to a heated pool, plunge-in for 20 minutes every day.

Walking has been shown to significantly cut knee and hip pain in arthritis sufferers.

Stretching can also be helpful. It can help you get your range of motion back. If stretching hurts too much, try warming up first and use a hot compress for five to 10 minutes. You’ll find it will be much easier to get your joints moving and stretching.

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In the past, your doctor might have told you to keep exercise gentle so you wouldn’t harm your joints further. But recent research shows more intense exercise is better. It can strengthen your muscles and improve overall functioning of your joints.

Interval training is a great way to build muscle, increase heart and lung capacity, and burn fat.

But it's also important to listen to your body. It’s normal to be sore after a workout, but if you feel sharp pain, stop right away. Also, be sure to warm up before you begin. And finish by cooling down with a good stretch. 

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Yoga is also very beneficial. Studies show it can help relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain. It also helps with other muscle and bone problems.

Many postures focus on stretching. The greatest improvements come from doing yoga for at least 30 minutes per day. But any amount of time is better than none - one study found that just one hour of yoga per week for eight weeks helped people with osteoarthritis. The patients had a major drop in tenderness of their finger joints and pain. They also improved their range of motion.

Level 4 lockdown worrying you? It need not - you can do yoga in the comfort of your home! You can practice by following free YouTube videos. Look for gentle, 30 minute programmes. 

If you decide to give yoga a try, start slowly. Also, look for videos on yoga for people with joint pain or arthritis - these will be specifically tailored to your condition. 

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How level 4 lockdown can help relieve your joint pain...
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