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Here's why MCT oil is the ultimate brain and metabolism food

by , 30 September 2015

I hate hype. I'm not a sensationalist (if you scroll through my past headlines you'll see this). In fact, it's hype and sensationalism that turn me off from reading most magazines. So why did I write a headline like this one then, you ask? Well, because it's true!

MCT oil is one amazing concentrated fat. No, it doesn't come from some far away mountain range, procured by indigenous people with great care and shipped to you for free if you buy two bottles. Instead, there's nothing mystical about this stuff - it just works! In fact, it's a brilliant brain and metabolism foot. You need it in your life! Let me tell you more.

What MCT oil is 

Think of it as a concentrated form of coconut oil. The extremely healthy saturated fat in coconut oil is comprised of MCT (medium chain triglycerides).  And, MCT oil is a concentrated form of that fat. In other words, this oil is about six times stronger than coconut oil in terms of healthy benefits.
Now that I’ve got your full attention…

Why should you be interested in MCT oil

For starters, it’s easily digested and uniquely metabolised by your body. Instead of being metabolised through the digestion process like other fats are, MCTs are taken straight to your liver where they act similar to carbohydrates; providing instant, well-sustained energy.


Start using this fat burning buster today and, in just 30 days, you’ll:
·         Feel sexier and more confident about undressing in front of your partner. No more running for the covers so he doesn’t see your wobbly tummy or jiggly thighs…
·         Strut around in those sexy, slinky clothes you’ve always shied away from when they appear on the rack of your favourite clothing label…
·         Show off your sexy slender arms by wearing sleeveless tops in PUBLIC…
·         Be itching to bask on the beach in your new bikini (without the sarong, of course!)…
·         Love how soft and satiny smooth that once hated body part now feels…
·         And much more…
Read more here to bust your fat naturally! 

But isn’t not just the energy you get that makes MCT oil interesting and appealing. MCTs also improve blood sugar regulation, boost metabolism (especially fat metabolism), better thyroid function, and can also improve appetite regulation. It’s no wonder MCTs are used to treat so many ailments, including diabetes, dementia and cystic fibrosis.
As far as brain function goes, MCT oil is like rocket fuel. It enhances ketone production big time. Ketones, of course, are a more efficient fuel for your brain. For productivity, using MCTs to outwork my competition is my unfair advantage.
That’s a pretty compelling list, isn’t it? And it’s why MCT oil (or coconut oil at a minimum) is a big priority in my diet plan. 

How to feel the effects of MCT oil for yourself

I eat a tablespoon of the stuff a day. I like the taste, okay? Otherwise, it’s also awesome in coffee. Just add a tablespoon of MCT oil and a teaspoon of grass-fed butter to your regular cup of java and voila – bulletproof coffee! Seriously, this is an effect you will feel – and it feels fantastic!

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Here's why MCT oil is the ultimate brain and metabolism food
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