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Here's why coconut oil is a solid approach to osteoporosis

by , 09 February 2016

If you suffer from osteoporosis or the like, you're probably desperate to find natural remedies that can effectively improve your condition. Speaking of natural remedies for bone health - did you know coconut oil can help? That's correct.

Coconut oil is in fact a solid approach to helping your bones feel stronger and healthier. A growing body of research has found that what I refer to as the “wonder oil” acts as an antioxidants and protects your damaging free radicals. Keep reading to find out more.

First things first – what makes calcium so essential for bone health?

Calcium is a term you’re already familiar with, right? What you might not have known, however, is that it makes up about 2% of your body’s weight. And, 99% of it is found in your teeth and bones.
When your body is deficient in this essential mineral, it’s very likely that you’ll suffer bone problems. One of the most common bone conditions, especially in older adults, is osteoporosis.

So how does consuming coconut oil help my calcium levels?

Well, coconut oil doesn’t directly help increase your calcium levels. You might’ve guessed that, considering the oil isn’t a calcium-rich food. But what it does do is help your body absorb and retain calcium, as well as magnesium for that matter, better.
Yes, this is exactly why hospitals give sick and premature babies formulas containing medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), found abundantly in coconut oil!

But how exactly do MCFAs improve my calcium levels?

You see, MCFAs help your body better absorb calcium (among other essential nutrients and amino acids) by neutralising free radicals and maintaining hormone balance. The tropical oil is pretty amazing – and consuming it on the regular will benefit your bones substantially due to what I’ve just explained.
On another note, it’s important to understand that vegetables oils have the opposite affect on your bones due to their lack of MCFAs, as do fizzy drinks, coffees and sweets. Avoid these foods – they steal calcium from your bones!
Pick up a jar of virgin organic coconut oil today, and start experiencing the bone heath benefits for yourself!

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Here's why coconut oil is a solid approach to osteoporosis
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