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Got gout? Five foods to scratch off your grocery list

by , 21 January 2014

Don't let your gout get you down just because you're eating the wrongs foods. And you're probably aware that even one bite of a “banned” food could cause a flare up of that painful joint that leaves you wishing you could turn back time. Well, it's a simple case of leaving those foods off your grocery list so you're not tempted to even have a small bite. So here we reveal the five foods you should scratch off your grocery list to prevent your gout from coming back to haunt you!

It’s almost like instant punishment when you know you’ve done something wrong. But this time it’s eating or drinking something on your banned list that makes your joints flair up and leaves you wishing you hadn’t been so naughty!
That’s right, when you have gout; you have to be careful what you put in your mouth. Or you’re sure to know all about it the next day. 
So of course you know about those acidic foods and drinks that you should stay miles away from… but what about these five foods that may also cause your gout to flare up?
Five foods to avoid if you’re to avoid gout pain
1. Liver and kidneys
Because they’re high in purines, they cause a build-up of uric acid.
2. Asparagus, cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms
These veggies also contain purines, but if you like to eat them, have them in small quantities. Purines from vegetables are easier to excrete than those from organ meat, so you don’t have to avoid them completely. 
3. Sugary drinks and sweetened fruit juices
A sudden blast of sugar to your system can cause your body to produce acid, so drinking sugary drinks is a no-no for your gout.
4. Red meat
Yea, this is a tough one… But you can eat small quantities of beef and pork, but try to eliminate lamb from your diet. 
All red meat contains those nasty purines, so eat in moderation!
5. Beer
If you want to stay gout free, you have got to stop drinking beer. Not only does it promote acid production, it promotes your body to hang onto the acid it already has. 
Rather eat a diet full of healthy vegetable as they help your body eliminate purines. Drink water, tea or even coffee instead of your favourite sugary drink – but go easy on the sugar spoon! 
Reduce or completely eliminate your painful symptoms of gout by ensuring you’re aware of what causes you flair ups. Stick to eating a diet with a variety of healthy items and you’re sure to stay gout pain free. 

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Got gout? Five foods to scratch off your grocery list
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