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Getting to the bottom of the calcium for your bones myth...

by , 15 May 2020
Getting to the bottom of the calcium for your bones myth...
Many people still think that drinking a lot of milk will keep their bones strong.

Others take antacids or pills as their only supplemental calcium.

There are still a number of misconceptions like these when it comes to the proper bone-loss prevention and reversal strategies.

Myth busted: Calcium supplements alone don't preserve your bones...

If you want to prevent and reverse bone loss, you must eat more vegetables and fruits every day than you do total animal proteins and whole grains.

Otherwise, you can supplement all the calcium you want and most or all of it will just go right back out again!

Considerable evidence demonstrates that nearly all animal proteins tend to promote calcium and bone loss, as do grains (even the more healthful wholegrains).

By contrast, nearly all vegetables and fruits help your body retain calcium and bone.

Decades ago, health researchers demonstrated this point when they reported that women in their 70s who had been strictly vegetarian all their lives had 30-35% greater bone density than women who’d followed an omnivorous diet.

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It’s important that you take calcium along with nearly every other mineral nutrient (and every vitamin too) that’s known to be essential to life, including manganese, copper and zinc.

These are all naturally ocuring in fruit and vegetables... But the problem is that due to overfarming, these days our fruit and veggies don't have the same nutrient content they used to have 30-50 years ago. And that's why taking clacium as part of a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement is the best option to keep your bones healthy...

Of course, this doesn't mean you don't have to eat your fruit and veggies anymore - they are healthier than animal products and play a big role in your overall health.

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Getting to the bottom of the calcium for your bones myth...
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