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Foods that may be causing your joint pain...

by , 03 October 2018
Foods that may be causing your joint pain...
While there are foods that help soothe joint pain, there are also some that may be causing your pain. They're inflammatory foods and as long as you keep eating them, your joints will keep hurting.

Keep reading to find out which foods to strike from your diet...

Stay away from these foods to reduce inflammation

Processed and fried foods
Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found in a 2009 study, that decreasing the amount of fried and processed foods reduces inflammation and restores the body’s natural defenses.

Sugars and refined carbs
Sugar and refined carbs increase a certain type of toxin in the body called AGE, which causes inflammation. Opt for xylitol to satisfy your sweet tooth, but stay away from processed foods, including all forms of sugar (read labels carefully). 

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Dairy products
Dairy products contain a certain protein which can irritate the tissue around the joints. Reduce or cut out dairy and rather eat rich vegetarian protein sources, like spinach, nuts, tofu, beans, lentils and quinoa.

70% Cocoa is packed with flavonols, which are powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Isn't it great to know you can add a little sweetness to your meals that will ease your pain too?

Alcohol and tobacco
Smoking and drinking alcohol can affect your joints. Smokers are at risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis, while those who consume alcohol have a higher risk for developing gout.

Keep reading...

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More foods to stay away from...

Salt and preservatives
Many foods contain excessive salt and other preservatives to promote longer shelf lives.Excess salt may cause inflammation of the joints. Reduce your salt intake to soothe your joint pain.

Many baked goods and snacks contain oils high in omega-6 fatty acids which trigger inflammation. Instead, eat foods high in omega-3 which help with joint pain relief.

With these changes, you won't have to depend to heavily on pain killers to soothe inflammation and pain. 

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Foods that may be causing your joint pain...
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